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Why On Demand Drug Destruction?

One of the most annoying problems at virtually every law enforcement agency in America is proper destruction of their prescription medications and illicit drugs that permeate their property rooms. The piling up of these drugs creates potential diversion opportunities with enormous liability for the agency. In addition, this can result in a less than healthy attitude by the person/s who try and manage this chaos in the agencies property room.

PoliceDrugDisposalIf you have a prescription take back box or offer another type of public take back program at your agency, you have an even larger supply of drugs that need to be destroyed in accordance with EPA and DEA guidelines. These programs are beneficial in assisting the general public in removing these drugs out of their medicine cabinets, while providing your agency with a very positive community relation’s message. Unfortunately with the lack of Federal guidance and support, the problem remains, finding a safe and economical means of destroying these drugs. Meanwhile the drugs continue to pile up in the property room……

Narc Gone® HD, a product specifically formulated for law enforcement use, will render both prescription drugs and illicit drugs collected by law enforcement, inert and unrecoverable within minutes and can simply be thrown into the general waste when the container is full. Narc Gone® HD is environmentally safe and comes in several convenient sizes as detailed on this website. With the use of the Narc Gone® HD, destroying these accumulated drugs couldn’t be easier or more affordable; no special training is needed to use the product, and the carbon based chemicals do not require any special storage or monitoring.

We understand the issues you have been facing, you can be comfortable in knowing that our company representatives are either retired or currently employed as a law enforcement officers and have experienced the very same problems you are facing with proper destruction of prescription and illicit drugs from your property room. They know the issues like you do, so don’t hesitate to contact us and let Narc Gone® HD be your answer to safe and affordable drug destruction.


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Does Narc Gone® HD comply with federal standards?
Narc Gone® HD meets and exceeds the Federal Guidelines for the DEA’s definition of chemical destruction. Chemical destruction is one of two approved ways the DEA has listed in the fall of 2014 for safe drug disposal.
How do you know that it works?
Narc Gone® HD has been verified to work by several Independent Sources. This includes testing and review by Dr. Henry Nowicki and his team at Professional Analytical and Consulting Services, Inc.;  Dr. Bert McCarty’s Activated Carbon Soil Studies; and Dr. David Cooney’s Activated Charcoal Chemical Adsorption Testing.
Is safe to use? Safe for the environment?
Narc Gone® HD is Safe for the Environment and meets the current EPA standards for Solid Waste Disposal. Narc Gone® HD has been tested and shown to not be harmful to humans or the environment.
What is the shelf life for Narc Gone® HD?

Narc Gone® HD has a recommended shelf life of 5 years.  During this time you can continue to use the bottle until the contents reach two inches from the top.  Once full the bottle cannot be reused.

What size should my agency get?
Narc Gone® HD comes is various sizes designed to accommodate your agency and the volume of your seizures. The good news is that Narc Gone® HD  is designed to sit in your property room and collect licit and illicit drugs until it is full, making the larger sizes more economical in the long run.