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Fast, Easy, and Safe

On Demand Drug Destruction

Meets Federal Guidelines

Reduce Your Agency's Liability

Cost Effective

Narc Gone® HD allows you to handle both illicit and prescription drug disposal in one safe, affordable, and easy to employ solution.

Meets all Federal Requirements

Narc Gone® HD has been independently lab tested to meet DEA requirements for drug disposal, which is supported by the Office of National Drug Control Policy.


Narc Gone® HD’s patented process neutralizes the hazardous chemicals of the drugs and allows for the filled containers to either be discarded in the trash, or sent for incineration, depending on what has been added and state/local regulations.

How Easy Is It?

1. Add Pills


2. Shake Container


3. Discard in Trash as Normal

*Observe all federal, state, and local environmental regualtions when disposing of this material


What Law Enforcement Is Saying About Narc Gone® HD

“Dealing with drug seizures as a drug task force commander and 48 years of law enforcement experience, one of the constant problems is disposing of controlled substances legally in an EPA and DEA approved manner.

Narc Gone® HD is the first product that provides a safe and economic method for law enforcement agencies to not only destroy prescription drugs, but the illicit drugs they encounter daily.”

John B.

Task Force Commander, 48 Years of Service